3D Joint Anatomy In Dogs


Product Description


Main Joint Pathologies and Surgical Approaches
“A detailed look at canine joints”
salvador Climent Peris, rafael latorre reviriego, roberto Köstlin, José luis Vérez-Fraguela, Francisco M. sánchez Margallo,
Javier sánchez Fernández and Diego Celdrán Bonafonte
2014 / 148 pages / 22 x 28 cm / Hardcover / English / Spanish / ISBN: 978-84-942775-5-9 Ref. LIBR0455 / P36360 /
This very instructive visual guide covers the main joints of the limbs in the dog by means of three-dimensional images. The main orthopaedic problems of each joint and the most com- monly used surgical approaches are also  described.

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