60 Q&A on Bovine Parasitology



a Handbook of Questions and Answers

“All questions answered about bovine parasitology”

aránzazu meana mañes and francisco a. rojo Vázquez 2013 / 232 pages / 22 x 28 cm / Hardcover / English / Spanish ref. P46980 / rrP: 70 e

Through 60 cases of questions and answers (Q&A), in which real situations in the veterinary profession are reflected, an entirely practical review of bovine endoparasites and ectoparasites is carried out. The book is divided into four chapters dedicated to the endoparasites of the digestive and respiratory systems, systemic endoparasites and skin parasites. Its more than 260 images and diagrams, give this work the character of an atlas of bovine parasitology.


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