Atlas of Avian Necropsy



“For a swift, complete and diagnostic necropsy”

Natàlia majó and roser dolz

2011 / 96 pages / 22 x 28 cm / Hardcover / English / Spanish IsBN: 978-84-92569-84-7 / ref.

This atlas details a systematic approach to the post-mortem examination of farmed poultry. The fi chapter, describing the organs from the skin to the nervous system, presents a simple post-mortem technique, which explains how to examine each organ and body system, and illustrates what they look like when healthy. The second chapter describes the avian diseases that are usually encoun- tered at the slaughterhouse with numerous images. Finally, the third chapter outlines a methodical approach for sampling during the post-mortem examination for subsequent diagnostic analysis. With over 200 images, this book will ensure that the necropsy of poultry will provide the maximum diag- nostic yield.


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