Bloodless Surgery



Small animal surgery
“ The importance of ensuring
appropriate haemostasis
in surgical procedures”
José Rodríguez, Guillermo Couto, Jorge Llinás et al.
2014 / 288 pages / 23 x 29.7 cm / Hardcover / E nglish / S panish
ISBN: 978-84-942449-3-3 / R ef. P44720 /
In this book, the author and his colleagues use their wide experience to show readers the
importance of ensuring appropriate haemostasis in surgical procedures.
The basic principles of haemostasis, their practical application in various clinical cases or the
different techniques available are explained throughout the book, and the information is complemented
by numerous images that will help the clinician to ensure haemostasis (making
knots step by step, surgical procedures shown in sequences of images, etc.). The digital version
includes instructive high-quality videos with which the reader will gain valuale knowledge.


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