Canine and Feline Oncology




from Theory to Practice

“A must-have if you need an update in veterinary oncology”

guillermo Couto and néstor moreno

2013 / 216 pages / 22 x 28 cm / Hardcover / English / Spanish IsBN: 978-84-92569-26-7

Veterinary oncology is a specialty that is advancing at a very fast pace. Clinicians need to have lots of resources at their disposal to treat their patients, so an in-depth and updated knowled- ge of the subject is essential. In order to help them, this work describes in detail the basic and modern knowledge in this discipline from a practical point of view. It includes essential aspects and the latest advances in oncology, and the most common specific tumors in daily practice, their protocols and recommended treatments. Also, readers will fi several real clinical cases through which they will be able to evaluate their knowledge.


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