Essential Guide to Calving



“Calving without secrets for the veterinary surgeon”

J.V. gonzález-martín, l. elvira and n. Pérez Villalobos 2013 / 88 pages / 17 x 24 cm / Hardcover / English / Spanish IsBN: 978-84-940402-3-

How is the due date estimated? How do we know when the cow begins the prepartum pe- riod? When is professional assistance required? These are some of many questions that may arise during calving. For this reason, Servet has decided to publish this book that answers the main questions regarding calving in a simple and easy way. In this original book, you will fi the essential features that need to be taken into consideration during gestation, calving and the postpartum period in order to deal with calving successfully, avoid dystocia and increase the survival rate of the calves.


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