The Thorax Small Animal surgery



“The main thoracic surgical procedures described step by step and accompanied by high quality images”

José rodríguez (Director and coordinating editor), maría José martínez and Jaime graus

2013 / 380 pages / 23 x 29.7 cm / Hardcover/ English / Spanish IsBN: 978-84-92569-99-1 / ref. P31690 / rrP: 90 e

This new volume of the collection presents the anatomical region of the thorax. It gi- ves a detailed and clear description of thoracic surgical procedures, ranging from the most common ones, such as thoracotomy or the placement of a thoracic drainage; to the most complex ones such as the placement of a transvalvular patch in cases of pulmonary valve stenosis, or oesophagogastroplasty in megaesophagus cases.

The high quality of its images, some of them accompanied by diagrams and illustra- tions, allow an accurate description of the pathologies and their aetiology.


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